My story

From a very young age I was equally fascinated by maps and language.


That's why, after completing my surveying engineering studies, I decided to attend a BA in English Language and Literature with the aim of becoming a language professional.


An advocate of lifelong learning, I always try to blend engineering and the humanities into my life.

An engineer with words
My studies
My background in science and engineering

My first degree was a Rural and Surveying Engineering Degree from the prestigious National Technical University of Athens.


My studies focused on geodesy, the  scientific discipline concerned with  the  determination of the shape and size of the earth. Since geodesy is a branch of applied mathematics and earth sciences, I am very knowledgeable in such matters.


As an active professional engineer, I have an insider's knowledge in the fields of surveying, construction, and real estate. Besides, I am well acquainted with construction and property legislation, especially in connection with cadastral surveying.


Moreover, as a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece, I enjoy access to special resources for research purposes.

Image by Marek Levák
My background in linguistics and translation

Some years later, I received a BA in English Language and Literature from the oldest Greek public university, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.


I took many courses in linguistics, both theoretical and applied. Moreover, I studied education and pedagogy in the context of teaching English as a foreign language.


I also studied British and American literature and culture. These have significantly increased my intercultural competence. I also took several courses in translation.


My real theoretical background in translation, though, was established during my MA in Translation Studies, again at the University of Athens: I attended various translation workshops, wrote a big number of research papers, and studied translation in depth.

With such a diverse academic background,
I can give you the high-quality services
you are looking for.