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Translation is one of the most interdisciplinary fields. As such, it greatly benefits from people who have been exposed to various areas of knowledge.


Besides, translation quality is directly linked to the translator's understanding of the source text.


My academic background in science and engineering contributes significantly to my understanding of scientific texts. That's why, if you are interested in high-quality English to Greek translation, I am exactly the person you need.

My working fields
civil engineering, architecture
property, real estate
mathematics, physics, chemistry
linguistics, literature, culture
education, pedagogy
What I translate
  • academic papers and articles

  • atlases and encyclopedias

  • biographies and memoirs

  • literature and science fiction

  • works of literary criticism

  • creative nonfiction

  • journalistic texts about science

  • educational games

  • popular science books and articles

  • science books and textbooks

  • travel brochures or guides

  • travel writing

  • blueprints

  • business texts or documents (e.g. architectural design tenders)

  • contracts or agreements (e.g. a lease agreement or a building permit)

  • guides or manuals

  • handbooks and DIY books

  • legal texts or documents (e.g. building or environmental regulations)

  • maps, diagrams, and charts

  • product information (e.g. building materials)

To ensure maximum quality, I always translate texts that are connected to my working fields. If you have such a text for translation, please get in touch.
I look forward to doing business with you.